Best Putin Paints For Charity

Who’d have believed the former Russian president and present Prime Minister has such a soft side ? A lot people know him for being a difficult politician but this bit of information goes on to show that even the roughest of individuals have hearts and empathy to the less fortunate.

IFCJ charity auction will be held today in Saint Petersburg, Putin’s hometown. The charity auction will comprise 28 works of art made by well known actors and politicians. The subject is based loosely on Nikolai Gogol’s The Night Before Christmas. In terms of Putin’s handiwork, it’s a painting with a yellow window with embroidered curtains flapping in the wind. The scene outside the window is a winter scene. Putin’s job is titled Uzor (Embroidery).


Based on Nadezhda Anfalova, the curator of this display and a painter too, Putin painted the image in 15 minutes, without anybody else’s assistance. The profits from the sale of this painting — and another paintings to be auctioned off — will be awarded to two local children’s hospitals in addition to a church that has to be restored.

We might not be Putins or other actors but that is a quality illustration of the truth that we could all do small things to help people who are less fortunate around us. Maybe painting and the arts isn’t your thing but I am certain that in the event that you look hard enough, then you’ll find some way by which you may help out.

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