Hey AirBnB Hosts! The Maids® is Your Cleaning Solutions Solution

The majority of us understand about Airbnb since we know somebody who has employed the accommodation service or we’ve used it . But far fewer people understand what it is like on the opposite end of the pole, having an Airbnb host. There is no doubt this hot service can be rewarding for Work at Home and Clean your House, but most individuals are only hoping to earn a little additional income on the side. How hard is it, right?

You merely clean up this spare bedroom, then throw a brand new quilt on the bed, fall that advertisement on the Airbnb website and await the guests, along with the cash, to begin rolling in. This looks like a fast and effortless method to create a buck. Unfortunately, having an Airbnb host requires quite a little more than that. Just ask anybody who is hosted, and they will provide you the actual picture of what it is like from the sphere of short term rentals.

Most hosts who’ve been renting space to guests for any amount of time can inform you which you’ve got to actually be on top of things if you would like to maintain those enviable high evaluations from Airbnb. As an Airbnb server, you’re much more like a home manager than the usual host. This usually means you’ve got to track your internet presence, respond to queries, fix things that break, and manage everything from advertising into replacing worn out appliances.

Handling a rental unit may be time-consuming, labour intensive and tiring, especially if you already operate a fulltime occupation. However, it does not need to be like that. Fortunately, The Maids® gets an ideal solution for among the most frequent complaints of Airbnb guests and among the biggest hassles for several hosts.

Work at Home and Clean your House

This Isn’t the Ritz!

No, your Airbnb leasing is likely nothing like a fancy area in the Ritz, however, your guests can expect it to be! Among the greatest complaints from all AirBnB guests is your location is not as clean as expected. The issue might not be you are not a excellent enough cleaner as well as a sponsor, you might believe that guests are unreasonable in their own expectations. But let us face it, many guests anticipate your own location to be as clean or cleaner than a wonderful resort.

The issue for hosts would be that even though you might be providing a wonderful location to get a bargain cost, guests are constantly likely to expect as much, or more, than traditional lodging choices. And that is not fair. Honest or not however, your guest evaluations on Airbnb will make or break your success for a host.

The business has very strict rules in regards to who they comprise or market and also who they permit as a sponsor, all according to guest evaluations. It is hard to find those much-needed five-star evaluations as soon as your guests anticipate more than may appear sensible. So what is a bad host to perform? You locate professional cleaning solutions, that is what!

The Maids® Provides the Solution

As a sponsor, you could already be stretched a little lean care of the reservations, responding to queries and testimonials, repairing things around your own unit and attempting to keep everything tidy and presentable. Cleaning your location does not mean only taking out the garbage, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and dusting. This means eliminating the rust stains from the bathtub, cleaning windows, dusting inside cupboards, cleaning up cobwebs and a whole lot more.

Knowing the sometimes irrational expectations of your visitors, they will probably comment on the tiniest missed detail. If you do not have enough opportunity to wash like a specialist or you simply prefer not doing the dirty work, do not allow a bad rating ruin your fantasies of AirBnB hosting. Keep reading to see why The Maids® is the best selection for your cleaning solutions.

Who’ll Be The Maids®? The Maids® has been in business since 1979, so we understand what clean actually signifies. We’re also the sole home cleaning cleaning service to focus entirely in cleaning for health by eliminating more dirt, pollutants and germs compared to traditional cleaning solutions.

Our healthful way of cleaning revolves round The Maids® Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System. This exclusive procedure entails a 22-step strategy of activity to get the most extensive cleaning available to make a much healthier environment and a sparkling clean rental to your visitors. Our teams are professionally trained, bonded and insured and feature a manager who assesses their work in every area of the rental unit.

Here’s a breakdown of only a few of what you can expect when you hire The Maids® to the cleaning solutions:


We wash sinks, appliance exteriors, interior and out of microwaves, range tops, counters, flooring, cabinet doors and much more. To put it differently, top to bottom!


We wash counters and sinks and switch towels out. In addition, we disinfect toilets, showers and bathtubs and wash the floors. Your visitors will love the sparkling clean and the brand new fragrance.

Other Rooms

We pick up and straighten, dust and then damp-wipe to take out the dust and remove cobwebs. We utilize commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filter to vacuum stairs, furniture, rugs and even under the beds. The Maids® also takes out the garbage, cleans ceiling fans and leaves the beds.

We dust sills, ledges, wall hangings as well as the tops of door frames. And yeswe do windows. In addition, we help stop the spread of germs from disinfecting commonly touched areas like switchplates, cabinet pulls, door handles, telephones and remotes.

Work at Home and Clean your House

Let The Maids® Help You Get More 5-Star Ratings

What all this means to you as a Airbnb server is your rental unit will not only look and smell clean, it’ll be more wash and fitter. If that is beginning to seem as if you might have the ability to satisfy your guests’ high expectations after all, then you are beginning to have the image. Here are Merely Some of the benefits you may experience when you employ The Maids® to the cleaning solutions:

Cleaner and fitter leasing unit
More time to advertise and manage your own lease
More time for yourself
Happier guests
Better reviews and evaluations
More reservations and more cash!
When you put money into cleaning solutions to your Airbnb rental unit, even once you need to get ready for a brand new guest throughout this week, time spent cleaning up will probably be a fraction of what it was. That is because with The Maids®, our cleanup method is comprehensive. That seems pretty good, does not it?

There is a reason that 96 percent of our clients recommend us to their loved ones members and friends. We take cleaning seriously and we’re very proud of what we do to our clients. We are so convinced that you’re going to appreciate what The Maids® can do to help your own Airbnb company, we guarantee what we do, every moment. If you are not happy with any place we washed, call us within 24 hours and we are going to re-clean that region at no charge.

So give us a call or contact us online if you are prepared to get more reservations and have more joyful guests. All you need to lose is these low ratings!

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