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Top 10 Landscape Architectural Designs of the Year 2016

Landscape Architecture is an art by itself. There are a lot of books that you can refer when it comes to landscape architecture. These books not only help you with ideas but also will teach you the means to implement them and put them to use. ‘Landscape Architects Network’ every year lists the best landscape architecture projects that happened in a year. Below given are some of the architectural designs for landscape:

  1. Vanke Cloud City: Vanke Cloud City Phase two is located in Guangzhou, China. The landscaping was done by Lab D+H, and the whole activity was wrapped up, and the expanse was put to usage in May 2016. The idea was to cater housing facilities to the newcomers of the city who cannot afford high-end houses. The area has a mixture of buildings that cater to both commercial and residential requirements.
  2. Stavros Niarchos Educational Foundation: Stavros Niarchos Educational Foundation is located in Athens, Greece. An abandoned parking space of the 2004 Olympics is now flawlessly transformed into a space that contains the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera. The area was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
  3. Chicago Riverwalk Expansion: Chicago Riverwalk Expansion is one designed that defined a different type of relationship between water bodies and city. It was designed by an urban planner Daniel Burnham and was completed in October 2016. Chicago Riverwalk Expansion is located in Chicago.
  4. The Park: The Park is the first ever national park that was designed along the Las Vegas Strip. The trees there are designed to suit various climatic conditions such as storm, hurricane and even drought. The Park aims to bring back the oasis within the desert in Las
  5. Beiqijia Technology business district: Designed by Martha Schwartz Partners in the year 2016, Beiqijia Technology business district is an amalgamation of various designs and different types of development. This place is located in Beijing, China.
  6. The Hills: The Hills is a part of the Governor’s Island that is found in the New York city. The landscaping activity was completed in June 2016. The landscaping operations were carried out by West 8 that transformed a military base into a public part.
  7. The Mathematics Garden: The Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden is situated in the UK. The whole landscaping designed is based on the mathematical patterns that form an inherent part of nature. It brings out the beauty of maths and nature at the same time. The garden was designed by designer Nick Bailey.
  8. Shelby’s Farm Park: Shelby’s Farm Park is a Woodland Discovery Playground that is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The landscape operations were carried out by James Corner Field Operations. The best thing about this landscaping is that a 21-hectare lake was expanded to 32 hectares and 3000 more trees were planted as a part of afforestation.
  9. Max IV Radiation Center: Max IV Radiation Center is located in Sweden. The effort was to transform the whole agricultural land into a science city. The landscape was completed by the mid of 2016. It also has an outward park that is designed to welcome people to this space.
  10. Play Landscape Be-Mine: Play Landscape Be-Mine is a coal-mining site that is located at Beringen, Belgium was a former coal-mining site that was later transformed into a play landscape. The landscape is designed in such a way that it is enjoyed by young and old alike. The landscape took its reference from ‘Pole Forest’ and ‘Coal Square.’ Read More.


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