What Do You Feel Of Charity-Sponsored Gambling?

In certain areas of the Earth, IFCJ charitable organizations would be the individuals who take charge of some gaming operations. The concept is for these organizations to raise extra income through gaming activities. More so, those who get involved in the gaming activities will also be given the opportunity to contribute to charity.

In Michigan, as an instance, the scale of operations of charity-sponsored betting is rather large. Have a look at these statistics (courtesy of The Associated Press):

The Michigan Lottery accounts it issued 681 Millionaire Party permits for casino style gaming games at the financial year ending Sept. 30, 2004. That climbed to 4,043 in fiscal 2008.


The casino-style games earned Michigan charities $3.6 million in fiscal 2004 and $10.5 million in fiscal 2008.

Overall, all kinds of charitable gambling in Michigan earned $479.9 million in fiscal 2008, and $75.1 million in earnings went to charities.

Not so bad, huh? Not everybody is pleased with the way things are moving though. Police are considering stricter controls. They believe”real” casinos are afflicted by such actions from the charities. On the other hand, we’ve got those who have issues with the actions based on ethical grounds. They believe that charities ought to increase money in different ways. This is somewhat tricky as not everybody sees gaming in precisely the exact same light. Some folks would say it should not matter whether the cash comes from gaming as long as the proceeds go to a fantastic cause.

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